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UKRAINIAN MEDICAL AND DENTAL ACADEMY As POLTAVA NATIONAL MEDICAL AND DENTAL UNIVERSITY in Ukraine takes decades to train students from other countries. Since 1946, the Ukrainian universities trained about 250,000 professionals from more than 160 countries.

If in 2000, the country learned about 20,000 foreigners, while in 2010 this figure has more than doubled and now exceeds 44,000. The number of foreign students in Ukraine is one of the world leaders. This is not surprising, since Ukraine has strong academic schools, provides high quality training and education meets international standards. And the price of tuition still remains lower than in many other countries.

Moreover, the cost of living in the Ukrainian cities are low, and the Ukrainians have a reputation tolerant nation that is friendly to the guests. Traditionally, the greatest flow of students come from Russia, the countries of the East and the Middle East. But the geography of the region, of whom come to study in Ukraine, is much broader and covers 130 countries.

The number of foreign students are leading the biggest Ukrainian cities. The first two positions are occupied by the city of Kharkov, where 28 institutions of higher education have a license to teach foreign students, and the capital of Ukraine – Kiev – there are 41 school, which take on the training of foreigners.

In those cities, has more than 17,000 students from other countries. In addition to Kiev,Poltava,Lugansk and Kharkov, as many higher education institutions with a license to foreign students in Odessa – 18, Dnepropetrovsk – Donetsk and 16 – 11. The most attractive especially for students from other countries are medicine, engineering, economics and finance, social sciences, and linguistics.

The largest number of foreign students studying in Ukrainian Stomatalogical Academy as Poltava State National Medical Dental University,Lugansk State Medical University, Donetsk State Medical University,Vinnitsa National Medical University, National Aviation University in Kiev.

Also popular among foreign students of the National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute”, Kiev National University. Taras Shevchenko National University of Pharmacy (Kharkiv), the National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”. In each of these schools has about a thousand or more international students.

Enrollment of foreign students in Ukrainian universities and institutes in the summer begins and continues until November. For foreigners, schools allocate additional space. For a contract to train future students need to have a document of secondary education of the country. Every year the Ministry of Education and Science provides about a thousand scholarships for foreigners for the state budget under the international treaties of Ukraine.

At many universities and institutions that carry out foreign students, are open specialized preparatory departments. Foundation Course, usually lasts one year. Passage of this training course is particularly useful if you want to choose a training program in the Russian or Ukrainian language, and knowledge of these languages, you are still insufficient.

During the year, the prospective student can learn Ukrainian or Russian language, both spoken and professional terminology, and deepen knowledge in core subjects. Upon completion of the preparatory faculty graduates receive a certificate that allows them to enroll in any educational institution in Ukraine according to an interview on a contract basis.

Passage of such a preparatory course provides further successful learning, and helps to adapt to future students of the new socio-cultural environment.

Citizens of other countries who have Ukrainian origin, have the same rights to education as citizens of Ukraine, at the entry level training areas such as teaching, arts, humanities, journalism. They can enter the Ukrainian university or institution on the same basis, including training on the state order. For this they need to get a referral for education in Ukraine on national-cultural society in the country of residence. Citizens of Ukraine itself, residing abroad, are entitled to receive higher education in all public schools on the same basis.

International students department at UKRAINIAN MEDICAL AND DENTAL/STOMATALOGICAL ACADEMY was established by the University as part of its commitment to the internationalization of its programes and activities.

The International students department provides a facility and service for the support of foreign students. The Centre comprises a small staff group who network with the University’s Academic Departments, Corporate and Student Services.

The International students department of UKRAINIAN MEDICAL STOMATALOGICAL ACADEMY provides course advice for potential students, assists with the admission and enrolment of international students and provides ongoing academic, cultural, social and personal support for international students. Whether enquiries are of an educational, personal, legal, social, cultural or financial nature, somebody will be able to assist.

The International centre USMA is the focal point for international students.

The International students department can advise on all matters relating to application, accommodation, admission, fees, immigration, arrival services, orientation and advice on visa requirements, medical insurance and general concerns. This means providing course information, processing your admission application as efficiently as possible and giving advice on living and studying in POLTAVA.

The International Marketing department is responsible for coordinating the promotion of the University and its courses overseas.

In 2011-2012 academic year the total strength of foreign students is more than 1500 students from 57 countries are studying in the faculties of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and post-graduate course. The range of countries from which foreign students come to study at the university is very wide.